Modern Masters & Contemporary Gospel Christian Musical Artists

Here is a Story about a man walking along the beach with the Lord,God and Jesus Christ! Standing right by His side all the time that he thought, that he was alone. the Lord, God, and Jesus Christ! Will never Leave you!  and I, It is you and I, that leave the Lord!       

   bro. Ervin L. Swan lll,                            

bro. Ervin L. Swan lll, Television & Radio host!

Considered a prodigy growing up in the beautiful California Sun, bro. Ervin L. Swan lll, creates art using organic form, natural inner thoughts, and  elements that trick the visual senses. More than one person has described his art as the natural world fractured by creativity and madness. He says it's simply a visual soundtrack from his dreams, to the way he looks at the world and Music, as he is a very creative man of songs writer singer. And he's always thinking good, Rejoicing, Living Life!  And he has been writing Gospel/Christian songs, since the age of, 15, years old.

Father God In Heaven is one of the finest song Artist throughout the US exhibiting his work. Additionally the California, song Artist has the privilege of displaying most of his new works, two multimedia,in singels pieces, and one acrylic work. Accolades include a major world wide Radio & Television show host, for a few years now, guest lecturer in the California, University and a spot on the board for the board, as one of many Television and Radio show host.